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Karen Suen

Karen Suen is passionate with shapes and colours, designing each piece with a flair and uniqueness to create jewellery that reflects and enhances the individual characteristics of each wearer. She aims to infuse each creation with a delicacy using the incredible diversity her gemstones offer.

Employing a wide variety of materials and techniques, Karen Suen produces extremely rare masterpieces, being recognised as one of the most innovative and distinctive fine jewellery designers today, proven by her many awards.

Karen’s love and passion for arts and exquisite beauty wasn’t earned. She was born with it! So to say, the transition from her stint in the world of performing arts as a professional contemporary dancer, to her life in the world of jewels as a magnificent fine jewellery designer comes as no surprise to everyone she knows. Indeed, she excels in both fields with equal success and recognition.

“Karen Suen Fine Jewellery” was launched in 2007, instantly garnering worldwide recognition. Karen’s designs were quickly recognized by the Outstanding Greater China Design Awards 2013 & 2014.  And she was honored with one of the Ten Outstanding Designer Awards 2014. Karen also made her mark by achieving success in Couture Design Awards in Las Vegas in year 2019.

Aside from their inherent beauty, Karen understands their magnetic effect on people:
“the true value of fine jewellery is not based on the sole quality of the gemstone,
but also on the way one wears it to express one’s personality.”
To further this concept, she works closely with her customers to understand their needs and often finds the perfect gem that truly resonates with the client’s persona.

Her distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces display the most striking of gems this world has to offer – paired together with bold color combinations. On the other hand, her intricate designs also express a contemporary feel. Karen’s signature style is classic but equally fashion-forward, as she strives to keep ahead of trends. Her loyal customers appreciate the inventive twist that Karen adds to the most classic shapes: her aesthetic and original designs exemplify at once glamorous, modern and en vogue.

Karen has a deep passion for majestic, precious gems. Favoring Paraiba Tourmalines, Padparadscha sapphires, rubies, large diamonds and rare conch pearls, she always puts a rare gemstone at the heart of her collectible work of art using exquisite craftsmanship. Her artistic and meticulous designer collections have always captured the attention of the most discerning collectors across Hong Kong and around the world such as Mainland China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, the USA, to name but a few. Her exclusive worldwide clientele including extensive array of private collectors, industry experts, celebrities, high profile socialites, members of Royal Families, who are all avid followers of Karen’s haute couture jewellery masterpieces that are unique and truly unpretentious.

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